Food, Feelings and Freeing Yourself Group

Food, Feelings and Freeing Yourself Group

If you, or someone you love struggles with their body image and is not living their life to the fullest, this newly created group is for you: Food, Feelings and Freeing Yourself. 

From the comfort of home, participants have access to Tonya McFarland, PsyD, CEDS and Abby Bleistein MD, board certified in obesity medicine and Owner of Healthful Life as they:

  • Uncover how your emotions and experiences are limiting your ability to create the healthy lifestyle you desire

  • Learn healthy strategies to manage stress and the ups and downs of life

  • Be empowered to move forward with your goals surrounded by a supportive community

  • Understand how your emotions impact eating behaviors

  • Recognize your level of physical hunger versus your emotional hunger and how to manage each of these types of hunger

  • Learn ways to identify triggers to over/under eating and how to manage these triggers

  • Improve the way you feel about your body

  • Be assertive, set boundaries, and take care of you

Max number of participants is 12. For more information and to register please visit: Program includes one educational webinar and one support group per month. Provides education around managing emotions without using food with handouts, followed by a live support group to help you implement the new tools into your life.

What Makes Our Program Different: 

  • Multi disciplinary approach from a medical doctor and psychologist 

  • All lessons are available online to access at any time

  • Group support that is rarely available outside of an in-patient program

  • 100% online

  • Social support in a group of 12 can help with feelings of isolation compounded by COVID-19

  • HAES aligned approach