Family Therapy Specialist Golden ColoradoWhat is Family Therapy?

Family therapy can help to improve communication, improve family relationships, decrease arguing and fighting, and can help family members feel closer to one another. Family therapy can look like many different things. Sometimes it is allowing space for each family member to be able to share their joys and concerns about the family. Other times it may look like role playing, practicing communication skills, or being able to understand why a family member may be acting in a hurtful way.

Family therapy can be appropriate for families who are going through changes or transitions.  Typically members of a family play different “roles” and sometimes the role we play in our family needs to be more flexible to accommodate changes. Some of these include a divorce or separation, remarrying or blended families, a child is going through a developmental stage or leaving the family, or when there has been a loss of a family member.

Contact Dr. McFarland today with questions, concerns, or to schedule a session. See how she can help your family become the loving and happy family you want.

How can family therapy help?

  • Learn how to respect one another

  • Safely and honestly express thoughts and feelings

  • Improve family relationships

  • Improve communication skills

  • Have more fun with family members

  • Feel supported by family members

  • Develop a balance between life and work

  • Resolve conflict

  • Adapt to changes within the family setting

  • Restructure family roles

  • Safely and effectively resolve conflict

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Therapy with Children and Adolescents

Many times including children or adolescents in family therapy sessions can be very helpful in resolving family conflicts.  Dr. McFarland likes to include parents in the child’s therapy to improve effectiveness of the therapy.  Parents can be a big support for their children.  Typically when Dr. McFarland works with children and adolescents she likes to include parents in sessions at least monthly, depending on the families needs.  Teaching parents how to encourage their child to use the coping skills that are taught in sessions can allow the child to learn the skills more quickly and easily.  Family sessions typically last for about 50 minutes, but there may be times when sessions need to be longer.  Contact Dr. McFarland to schedule your family session today and begin helping your child now.

Couples Therapy

Couples sometimes need to have a safe place where they can work through difficulties in their relationship.  Being able to find a supportive place where you can share your hopes, dreams, and fears with your partner can be beneficial in developing a healthy relationship.  Couples sessions typically last about 50 minutes, but there may be times when it is appropriate to have longer sessions.  Give Dr. McFarland a call to schedule an appointment today.  Don’t let your relationship suffer another day!