School Refusal: Why Doesn’t My Child Want to go to School?

School Refusal:  Why Doesn’t My Child Want to go to School?

A parent can feel very frustrated when a child begins to not want to go to school.  If this happens to your child there are several of things that you can do to help your child be able to return to school.  It is important to listen to your child and try to understand why they don’t want to go to school.

If you are unable to convince your child to attend school and they stay home, make sure that they do not have privileges at home and are working on school work all day.  Many children would rather have a special day at home with a parent or be able to stay home and play all day, instead of going to school.  Make sure if your child stays home from school you are not giving them special attention or reinforcing their behavior or refusing school.

 Some children may be struggling with severe anxiety and this may be what is contributing to them not wanting to go to school.  If anxiety is impairing your child

 Anxiety about school can be the most intense following a break from school (like returning to school after spring break).  The longer the child is out of school the more anxious they typically become about having to go back.  The sooner you can seek help from your child

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