How to Help Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

How can we help kids feel better about her/him self? Do you ever worry that your child may have low self-esteem? Is your child able to stand up for him/her self? Do they have a good sense of what they are good at and what characteristics they like about their self? In working with children who have difficulty answering these questions I have tried a variety of different activities with them. Trying to think of concrete ways to help these children and adolescents build their self-esteem has been challenging at times.

I have recently developed some worksheets and activities to help these children feel better about themselves.

• Take note cards and have your child draw/write something they like about him/her self. Then on the back of the note card list the reasons that your child likes this about him/her self or how they know that they are good at this activity.

• Have your child keep a journal where they can record something positive they did that day, what they did that they felt went well, and what they did that made them feel good.

• Encourage children to identify their strengths and acknowledge their strengths when you recognize them.

• Role play with your child how they can be assertive in different situations and teach them to you “I messages” to express themselves.

• Here is a worksheet that I created that you can complete with your child.

It’s Good To Be Me Because (portrait)

What things have you used to help boost your child’s self-esteem?

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