Improve Your Mental Health and Lower Stress with Moderate Exercise

Exercise can play a very important role in recovery from depression and other mental illnesses, as well as lower our stress levels.  When we exercise our brain releases neurotransmitters or chemicals that promote a sense of well being, happiness, and calmness.  Some of the chemicals that our brain releases are like the chemicals that are used in antidepressant medications.  In addition, when we exercise we get a rush of endorphins, that many people call a “runners high”.  This high feeling also promotes well being.  Incorporating exercise into a relapse prevention plan is important because it helps you to feel happy, naturally.  Exercise can also increase our energy level and improve our sleep.  Exercise can also be beneficial in improving body image.  Becoming more aware of the things your body can do for you can help lessen your focus on your appearance.  Allowing ourselves to have gratitude for our bodies and learning how to treat our bodies with respect, can increase our ability to have compassion for them, minimizing the negative thoughts and feelings we may carry towards our bodies.  Exercise can help us recover from a mental illness and it can help us to live a more healthy and balanced life, even if you don’t suffer from depression or any mental illness.  We can all benefit from incorporating healthy exercise into our lives!     


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