Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year again!  Time to clean out the garage, scrub the floors, and wash the cars.  Spring is in the air!  So what are your spring cleaning traditions?  Maybe cleaning isn’t your thing.  Maybe you work in your garden, pulling out the dead from last year and making room for the new growth.  Are there more things you could be doing this spring to help yourself start the season off with a clean start?  Working on some of your past negative experiences can help you feel free and better able to focus on your future.  You may not have experienced a major trauma, but sometimes even those little things can add up and keep us stuck in the past.  Research has shown that meeting with a therapist for as few as 6 sessions can help resolve past negative experiences and elicit positive change.  Short-term therapy can help to alleviate depression and anxiety.  Learning a few skills can go a long ways towards living the life you want to life!


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