Writing a Letter to Your Body

Writing a letter to your body can be very beneficial for those who are struggling with poor body image.  Here is a worksheet I have created to help you improve your relationship with your body.  We all deserve to appreciate our body and everything it does for us every day!

1. What do you appreciate about your different body parts?

2. What does each body part allow you to do?

3. Which body part(s) do you criticize the most? Why?

4. Have the body part(s) you criticize the most write a letter back to you.

5. If you were criticized as a child, where in your body did you feel it?

6. What are your fears about if you praise your body? Where did these fears come from?

7. What do you appreciate about your body?

8. What makes your body special?

9. How do you show your body that you appreciate what it does for you?

10. What would you like to be able to do with your body?

To download this worksheet in PDF click here Letter to My Body

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