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Never Enough, Always Too Much

Never Enough, Always Too Much: It’s not just about the food Do you struggle with regulating your food intake? Do you have a hard time budgeting your money or allowing yourself to spend money on yourself? Do you have difficulty feeling loved by others? Most of us who struggle in our relationship with food also

How to Help Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

How can we help kids feel better about her/him self? Do you ever worry that your child may have low self-esteem? Is your child able to stand up for him/her self? Do they have a good sense of what they are good at and what characteristics they like about their self? In working with children

Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a complex disorder that is said to affect 2 % of the population. It is more commonly diagnosed in women and frequently occurs with other mental illnesses including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and eating disorders. Being diagnosed with BPD can be scary, frustrating, and comforting- to know that other people

Can Relationships Heal Eating Disorders?

New research ( is showing some promising results of a possible new treatment approach to treating anorexia and other eating disorders.  This new research suggests the significant role that a chemical called oxytocin could play in the treatment of eating disorders.  Oxytocin is a chemical that our body releases naturally during times when we are

Who Do You Trust?

Who Do You Trust? I just finished reading an article that was posted on the Denver Channel News (  The article describes how Americans have significantly decreased their trust in one another.  Reportedly, after a recent survey, Americans believe that only about one-third of people can be trusted; a significant decrease from a similar survey

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